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1. What part of town do you live on ?

I'm not sure, but it has handle bars & 2 wheels

I don't own a bike, but I am shopping for one

2. What kind of bike do you own ?

I want to learn/improve cycling skills

Improved fitness, endurance and speed

How to shift & brake better

Road Safety & Riding Skills

I would like to learn bike racing

Improve my bike split on triathlon

4. What do you hope to gain from riding with this group?

Just short social rides 10-20 miles on bike paths

Rides that have a social event at the end

Epic rides that require getting on an airplane to fly to the epic ride location

Epic rides that don't make me use an airplane but are still way cool & I can come home & brag about them

Local Centuries (100 mile rides)

RAIN Ride Across INdiana

6. What kinds of rides are you interested in participating in?

Lower the cost, I realize tha most events and rides are free....but still

Have rides at more convenient times for me

Have more rides on my side of town

The following would allow me to attend more events & rides

8. Your Age - Give or take

9. Your Gender

7. What would be the most likely thing to get you to attend more rides?

5. I would like to see more of the following type events

Friday Evenings at 6 or 6:30pm

3. What times do you prefer to ride?

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