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Coach Sam Scahill

-Cure Chaser Since 2004

Sam began her riding career when she signed up for the JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes in 2004 to ride in honor of her daughter who was diagnosed with T1D at 18 months old. Sam participated in the Ride to Cure Diabetes in 2004 and 2005. She continued to ride the next few years and joined the Indiana Cure Chasers team again in 2010. She unofficially joined the coaching staff of the Indiana Cure Chasers in 2012 and became a USA Cycling (USAC) level 3 certified coach in 2013. In addition to riding, Sam also enjoys running and participates in boot camp style workouts which incorporates traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. She is an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified group fitness instructor and volunteers at the MPCC – Community Life Center boot camp program.

Coach Michael Schwab

-Cure Chaser Since 2007

Michael began his relationship with the JDRF ride team in 2004 when he and his band Blaq Lily founded the Beta Cell Bash to support the ride team in their efforts to raise money to fund a cure for Type 1 diabetes.  A type 1 diabetic himself since 1973 it was a cause close to his heart.  With the breakup of his band in November 2006  Michael joined the ride team to continue supporting the JDRF in their efforts.   In 2010 he became the coach for the Cure Chaser Ride team and currently holds a USA Cycling (USAC) level 2 *D certification along with a USA Triathlon (USAT) level 1 plus a USAT youth and junior certification.  Michael is a cycling specialist but enjoys all 3 sports of triathlon and participates in Boot Camps and Spin Classes as well.

Doug Brune

Cure Chaser since 2011

Kate Eaton

Cure Chaser since 2010

Mike Scahill

Cure Chaser since 2011

Kelly Brake

Cure Chaser since 2010

Kate Warpool

Cure Chaser since 2006

Sarah Noel

Cure Chaser since 2011

Coach Kevin Garner

- Cure Chaser since 2007

We are happy to welcome our newest addition to the Cure Chaser Coaching core for 2014!

Kevin is also the new JDRF Indiana Ride  to Cure Coach for 2015

Tom Berlier

Cure Chaser since 2012

Tony Gabriel

Cure Chaser since 2010

Matt Weaver - CIT

Cure Chaser since 20012

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Gary Martindale

- Cure Chaser Since 2008

Joel Pritchard

- Cure Chaser Since 2011

Ted Wiese

Cure Chaser since

Ted promised his son Luke (who was diagnosed with T1D 9 years ago), that he wouldn’t stop raising money until a cure could be found.  Ted rides with the Indiana Cure Chasers in an effort to fund research which will improve Luke's life and the lives of all people suffering from Type One Diabetes. When Luke was diagnosed, Ted and his wife Wendy made a promise to do more than wait for a cure by committing time, resources and effort into raising money for diabetes research.

Brian Wulff

Cure Chaser since

Brian has been diabetic since the age of 8 years old. He was lucky enough to have a supportive family to ensure he maintained a healthy control of my disease. 28 years later he’s enjoying the fruits of these efforts. He regularly runs, cycles, coaches baseball for his boys, and he is also an avid scuba diver. “Diabetes doesn't have to mean you can't - it just means you have to plan and prepare a little harder than everyone else.”

Dan Baize

Cure Chaser since 2007

Nathan Saxe

Cure Chaser since 2010

Nate’s motivation for fundraising for JDRF started with his brother-in-law Jerry Jorgenson who has lived with Type 1 for over 20 years. However, since that first year in 2010, he’s been motivated by many many more kids and adults living with Type 1. Especially motivating has been meeting those that have lost loved ones to Type 1.

Ryan Coddington

Cure Chaser since 2014

Hannah Peterson

Cure Chaser since 2014

Mark Lushell

Cure Chaser since 2007

Lisa Blythe

Cure Chaser since 2010

Ron Lukin

Cure Chaser since 2010

Jimmy Shugars

Cure Chaser since 2014

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Ryan Noel

Cure Chaser since 2004

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Joel Russell

Cure Chaser since 2007

Joel rides for his 9 year old son, Alex, who has had type 1 diabetes since June 15, 2007. When Alex was diagnosed, he started riding to raise money for him. Six years later, he realized he’s not just riding for Alex anymore.

“Today I ride for Andrew, Marilyn, Casey, Noah, Owen, Christie, Marilyn, Paul, Brent, Bob, Chelsea, Doug, Patrick, Paul, Amy, Michael, Tim, Brittani, Mark, Jessie, Ali, Jenna, Megan, Dan, Tony, Jackie, Sean, the gentleman at Enterprise rental who got me my car and the hostess at Some Guys Pizza last week. Unfortunately, the list seems to be growing...

Fortunately, I ride with a group of over 300 people, who like me, are committed to helping cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes.”

Aaron Walton

Cure Chaser since

Aaron was diagnosed with T1D at the age of 27 in 2008.  He hopes his fundraising efforts will help with moving research towards a cure.  His favorite ride has been in Tucson.  It had great weather, scenery, accommodations, and people. Aaron has a young family with two kids that love to spend their summers at their cottage in Michigan.  He likes all sports and plays lacrosse every week throughout the year.  Aaron helps organize an Adult T1D meetup where fellow T1s can connect to learn, vent, or just socialize with one another.  

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Steve Lewis

Cure Chaser since 2011

Steve became associated with JDRF when his daughter, Sarah Noel, began working there over 11 years ago.  Steve is an Auctioneer and has done over 20 JDRF Gala auctions over the past 10 years across several states.  Through his association with JDRF, he has learned about T1D and it's effect on individuals and their families.  Even though his family is not affected by the disease, Steve considers JDRF part of his family now.  He loves the camaraderie of the rides and the events.  His favorite events are the actual rides are of course, the Galas.  When he is not cycling or doing auctions, he loves to travel in his RV.

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Tim Chappell

Cure Chaser since 2014