Cycling to a Cure!
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Indiana Cure Chasers

The Cure Chaser bicycle team is a A parafundraising organization devoted to supporting cure efforts of all kinds through cycling and fitness

While we do help with fundraising, our primary goal is to change people’s lives in a positive way with fun fitness!

Over the years the riders collectively have ridden thousands of miles and raised nearly a million dollars to fund research for a cure!   

Are you a complete beginner Or simply new to group riding?

Join our free meet up group and get valuable training provided by the Indiana Cure Chaser Team

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Indiana Cure Chasers team

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On the Horizon
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Don’t miss Our Weekly training rides

Every Tues  - 6pm  Blue Tuesday Hill Rides

Southwestway Park, Mann Road, Indianapolis, IN

We meet across the street from the main entrance -just look for the riders in blue

Monday - 6pm  Performance Bike Shop - Greenwood

Sat    - 8am  Beginner rides Performance Bike Greenwood

Do you want to get into Bicycle Racing?

In 2014, the Indiana Cure Chasers plans to launch a developmental team aimed at helping entry level Bicycle Racers achieve competency and proficiency in all aspects of cycling, handling skills, working together on the road and racing, while bringing awareness to a quest for a cure.

Disciplines will include:

*Time Trial


*Road Racing

*Team Riding in Gran Frodo events

Find out more abut our epic Destination JDRF Rides

Check out our rides for 2014 !

Registration is now open!

Coming up- July 19  Saturday

Cure Chaser Cycling Skill Clinic

Midwest Graphics Complex

5550 Elmwood Ct,

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Saturday July 19 - Starts at 7am

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